Know when your servers, computers, or data are compromised 🕵️

1. Plant a bait amongst your files or services you use.
2. Get an alert when a hacker takes the bait.

Concerned about the safety of your critical information?

Set up a decoy within your sensitive data. If any unauthorized person or malware stumbles upon this decoy, we'll immediately let you know.

How does it work?

1/ We send you the bait

We give you a bait. It can be a cryptocurrency wallet (with value) in it, or some files with some secrets to access to some servers.

2/ Place the bait

Put the bait amongst your data, or any services you use.

3/ A hacker uses the bait

Thieves use automated scripts to detect sensitive data, such as credential files or cryptocurrencies wallet we gave you. They'll try to steal the amount by transferring it to themselves, or try to access to the bait's servers.

4/ We alert you

We monitor the baits, and will alert you if any attempt to steal the cryptocurrencies or access the servers