Why should you use HackersBait?

Detect breaches early before it get worse

After an initial breach, attackers leave backdoors or other means to re-enter the system for getting access to more data or more critical part of your system. We help you alert your teams about unauthorized access or activities, for quicker responses to prevent any further damage.

How can you be sure that employees' computers are safe?

Phishing attacks, working in coffee shops, social engineering attacks... There are so many ways employees who hold sensitive data on their computers might be compromised. We help you detect that.

How can you be sure your servers are safe?

Softwares that run on your servers are constantly at risk. Hackers exploits daily these components to gain access to your servers, even before a security patch is available. Notable examples include the Heartbleed bug, which compromised the security of millions of websites, and Log4Shell. This vulnerability allowed attackers to take control of companies' servers 9 days before it was publicly disclosed, enabling attacks like sending spam, installing backdoors, or launching ransomware.

Some recents company breaches:

An experienced team

We have over 10+ years of experience, one specialized in automating infrastructure, the other in security and cryptography. We have experiences working in FAANG companies and many startups. No matter the size of your company, you'll want to know as early as possible when hackers gain access to your resources.