XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) definition in Cybersecurity

XSS is a web security vulnerability that allows attackers to inject malicious scripts into content from otherwise trusted websites. This vulnerability enables attackers to execute scripts in the victim's browser, which can hijack user sessions, deface websites, or redirect the user to malicious sites.

Notable Incidents

  • Samy Worm (2005): This XSS attack on MySpace led to over one million user profiles being altered to add Samy as a friend, showcasing the potential for rapid spread and impact of XSS vulnerabilities.
  • TweetDeck XSS Vulnerability (2014): An XSS vulnerability in Twitter's TweetDeck allowed attackers to execute arbitrary code in browsers, affecting a large number of users.
  • Yahoo XSS Vulnerability (2012): An XSS vulnerability in Yahoo Mail allowed attackers to steal cookies and compromise email accounts.